Njacko grew up calling this instrument "long" in his language (Baganté), and now normally calls it "kalimba" since it is the more popular name. However, this instrument can be found all over the African continent and is known by many many different names. It is also sometimes called the African Thumb Piano, however Njacko plays with his fingers which is typical for Cameroonian (and other) musicians.

These kalimbas are made by Kingtone (Steve Woloshyn) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Steve learned to make the kalimbas from his son-in-law Njacko. The kalimbas are made from a combination of found/repurposed materials, new spring steel, and fasteners. All kalimbas are made in Steve's home workshop. 

This style of kalimba is very portable and excellent for beginners to practice exercising their fingers. 

This set of kalimbas is made from wood with a less pronounced wood grain (more of a solid colour). 

All kalimbas are tuned to Open C, and can be easily re-tuned once received.

Steve is gradually winding down his business, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to replenish stock when these sell!

Small African Piano/Kalimba (solid)
CAD $ 39.00