Njacko loves telling stories. He usually weaves a story or two into any program he offers, and is also available for storytelling festivals, conferences and engagements.

He has self-published one book - Baki and the Magic Egg. This is an original story written by Njacko and beautifully illustrated by Bruce Parsons. It is written in both English and French, and is the first in a series of Njacko’s children’s tales. Another story he wrote, The Lost Toumkak,  is published in a collection of stories by Rubicon Publishing. Other stories that Njacko has written (but not yet published) include: The Lion Who Wanted To Be Vegetarian, Cohabitation, and The Littlest Dinosaur.

Baki is currently out of print, however the Toronto Public Library does have copies available to borrow.

Workshops and Performances for Children

Njacko is a storyteller, songwriter, composer, singer, musician, and percussionist who has been performing for children and adults since his childhood in Cameroon. He has a lifetime of practice in capturing the subtlety of dance and storytelling with his music – an essential part of the African performing arts. His programs for children and youth draw on parallels and differences between Canadian and African family life.

Njacko offers a variety of programs for schools, libraries, summer camps. Flip through his program offerings below to find out more!

BOOK NJACKO TO COME TO YOUR SCHOOL: Njacko's most popular program African Voyages is now exclusively available through Prologue Performing Arts. Please visit their website for details and booking. 

What people are saying about Njacko's school visits: 

I just wanted to express our sincerest thanks for Njacko's visit to our school, St.Monica on May 20th, 2022. He shared with our students his passion and love of music, his rich cultural heritage, and the importance and usefulness of the French language. He got all students involved in his performance, and spread his positive message of joy and unity--our gym was transformed into one big family celebration. Thank you for sharing your great talent and positivity Njacko!
WIth much appreciation,
Mme.Galletta, Mme.Covello, The staff and students at St. Monica (TCDSB)



Njacko has discontinued his weekly Sunday classes in Toronto. We had so much fun making music at our Queen Street Studio, The S.P.A.C.E., and Fresh Paint. So many memories, so many incredible students, we're grateful for all who participated and performed with us over the years.

Njacko is available for drumming workshops and private lessons. Please contact us if you are interested and would like more information.

On this page you can find out more about Njacko's program offerings for children/students (including a mini-documentary), his storytelling, and drumming workshops. All of Njacko's programs are available in English and/or French.


Cogeco did a story on Njacko's school workshops which provides a glimpse into the workshop series he offers. Here is the video: