The workshop possibilities for Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba are very exciting! As an ensemble, or individually, Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba lend their talents to a variety of workshop topics, including interactive performances for children.

NJACKO BACKO has led and participated in countless festival workshops across North America. As a Master African drummer and musician, Njacko is able to facilitate drum circles, lead dance classes, share his storytelling talents with children (…of all ages), as well as participate in African, World, Jazz and fusion workshops.

The list of instruments that CHIP YARWOOD can skillfully work into a workshop is astonishing: flute, guitar, keyboards, banjo, accordion, and traditional reeds such as Ulillien bag pipes, Irish flutes and penny whistles.

Fiddler Extraordinaire ANNE LEDERMAN is strongly rooted in several Canadian musical traditions, old and new – Metis and French-Canadian, Scots-Irish, Eastern European and African. She sings in several languages and is also an inspired player of mandolin, piano, bones, feet, jawharp and more.

Versatile acoustic and electric bassist PACO LUVIANO is at home playing in Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Pop, Middle Eastern, Funk and fusion workshops.

JOAQUIN NUNEZ HIDALGO, a master Afro-Cuban percussionist, brings his vast performing and cultural experiences to percussion workshops.

BWANA MOTO is fluent playing drumkit and percussion in workshops of various styles: R&B, rock, pop, jazz, funk, disco, reggae, latin, African, and world beat music.

CELINA CARROLL, voted Female Performer of the Year by the Toronto African Music Association in 1997, is a soulful additional to any vocal, harmony, berimbau or improvisational workshop.