Since 1986, Njacko has worked with a vast number of children, students and teachers throughout Europe and North America in classrooms, summer camps, institutions, after school programs, festivals and workshops. It is working with young people that Njacko believes that he can truly make a difference. Njacko has frequently been invited to talk to York University Teacher Candidates about his teaching philosophy and the importance of music in education. In public and private school systems, he works both independently as well as through non-profit organizations including Club 2/3 (Quebec), Mariposa in the schools (Toronto), and The Inner City Angels (Toronto). Since 1992, Njacko has led more than 1000 workshops in Quebec schools alone about music, dancing, singing, and making instruments from recyclable “trash.’ Njacko worked at the Granby Zoo’s AFRIKA pavilion in 1996 and 1997 as the music director. In this position, Njacko prepared and delivered daily educational programs including African music and story telling for more than 350,000 visitors. He delights children and adults alike by inviting them on-stage to make music with him, and by captivating them with his talents as storyteller with a repertoire of over one hundred tales and legends.

Njacko has taught drum circles in Toronto, Guelph, Muskoka, Trinidad, Amsterdam and Montreal and performs with his students, The Toumkak Drummers, at various drumming festivals, community, and charity events. He teaches through the Royal Conservatory of Music, The Halliburton School of the Arts, and he offers drumming classes at his studio in Toronto. Njacko also works with Mariposa in the Schools (Toronto), Inner City Angels (Toronto), and Club 2/3 (Montreal) to share the culture of his native village Bazou, Cameroon, through drumming, music, dancing, and story telling, with students from pre-school through to university.

In 2003, Njacko released a three volume educational CD series, “The Spirit of Toumkak Drums,” for those who want to practice African percussion at home. Each volume is a different song: Volume 1: Toumkak; Volume 2: Rhumba; Volume 3: Nkoua. Njacko will soon release an educational DVD which will help students learn and practice the fundamental techniques of African hand drumming, and lead them through several levels of musical complexity.