Summer Camps, Update from Cameroon, July Concerts

Hello out there! Happy summer!

We just sent out Njacko’s July newsletter, and you can view it online here.

Summer camps

Njacko is looking forward to teaching at two different summer camps. The first camp, Africa Week at Garrison Creek Art Education Centre, is for children ages 4-10 and runs the week of July 22-26. You can find out more about the camp, including how to register (which you need to do soon!), at Njacko really enjoys teaching at this camp – he has been there every summer since 2002!

The second camp is for adults – it is called WorldSongs Vocal Camp and runs from August 5-11. Njacko will be teaching along side camp leader Alan Gasser and Dr. Kathy Bullock at the beautiful Sugar Ridge retreat centre in Midland, Ontario (about an hour and a half north of Toronto). If you are interested in the camp, please have a look at the information on the camp website ( and register soon since there are only a very few spots left!

Raising Funds for Ecole St. Albert Le Grand

We are so grateful for all of the support we continue to receive for our partnership with Ecole St. Albert Le Grand in Bazou, Cameroon. We held our 4th annual fundraiser on May 11th at the Gladstone Hotel with amazing performances by Soli & RobNaomi TyrrellNjacko Backo, Mother Tongue, Eh?!The Reel Bulgars, and MC’s Luther Hansraj and Jacques Yams. We have already collected more than $2,800 and are anticipating that we will collect a total of $3,000 by the beginning of July! Today we dispatched the first 750,000 CFA to the school so that they can get this summer’s project started. The goal for this year is to complete the rehabilitation of the remaining school buildings on the main school site as much as possible.

This year, the second last year of our partnership with the school, we have doubled our fundraising efforts. Our overarching goal for the partnership is to help the school gain financial independence so in addition to the May fundraiser which was held to fund the building rehabilitation work this summer, we are running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to help the school start their own small business. We have just 3 days left to meet our Indiegogo fundraising goal of $6,915 to assist the school with starting their own small business – if you haven’t done so already, please visit our campaign site at – and check out the great perks that donors can chose from! The funds raised through Indiegogo will be used to help the school start their own small business which will be administered by the parent council. All of the proceeds from this business will go to the school which will increase their income without increasing school fees for the students.

July Concerts

Njacko and Kalimba Kalimba are thrilled to be heading back to the Mariposa Folk Festival this year! The festival will be held in Orillia on July 5-7.

The full line up, accommodation options, and information about how you can get tickets is all available on the Mariposa website: Njacko and Kalimba Kalimba will be performing their concert on Saturday early in the afternoon, and will be taking part in workshops on Saturday and Sunday morning.

A special note to students between the ages of 19 and 24 – there is a special student rate for a weekend pass – $59 (instead of $120). You can buy tickets online here.

Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba are thrilled to be part of Music Africa’s 25th Annual Afrofest this year! The festival will be taking place at Woodbine Park (Lakeshore Boulevard East and Coxwell Avenue) July 6 and 7 between 1pm and 10pm both days.

Njacko’s performance will be on Sunday July 7th at 7:15pm on the main stage, just before Jewel Ackah from Ghana. It’s going to be a fantastic show! Very special guests Jane Bunnett and Larry Cramer will be joining Njacko and Kalimba Kalimba on stage – come on out and be ready to DANCE!

The full festival schedule and details are posted on Music Africa’s website: The festival is FREE and features multiple stages, a children’s area, youth zone, amazing food and spectacular vendors. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it!

Augmenter les resources de Ecole St. Albert Le Grand

Hello there! We just sent out our most recent newsletter. If you didn’t receive it and would like to, please sign up for our mailing list (you can do this at the right hand side of the screen). You can also view the newsletter online here.

We have two very big news items this month. First is that our fourth annual fundraiser for Ecole St. Albert le Grand is coming up on Saturday May 11th. The second is that we just launched an Indiegogo campaign for Ecole St. Albert Le Grand, and it is running until June 30th!

First, a word about our fundraiser:

We are grateful that the Gladstone Hotel (1214 Queen St. W.) will be hosting our fundraiser again on May 11th in their beautiful Ballroom. As was done last year, we will be holding two events:

Afternoon Family Fun for Bazou
* Featuring Soli & Rob, Naomi Tyrrell, and Njacko Backo!
* 3-5pm
* $10/child suggested donation

An Evening for Bazou
* Featuring Mother Tongue, Eh?!, The Reel Bulgars, and MC’s Luther Hansraj and Jacques Yams
* Doors at 8pm, show starts at 8:30pm
* $20 suggested donation

Advance tickets are available directly from us (Njacko and Val), and also from African Drums & Art Crafts (618 Dundas West (West of Spadina in Kensington Market)).

If you would like to learn more about our partnership with Ecole St. Albert Le Grand (including photos and videos from projects completed at the school), please visit our project blog at You may click the images below for the full event details (English and French).

An Evening For Bazou 4

Concert Pour Bazou 4






Second, a word about our Indiegogo Campaign:

In parallel with the fundraiser at the Gladstone this year, we are running an online Indiegogo campaign. Why are we running this online campaign in addition to our May 11th fundraisers? Excellent question. We are in the fourth year of our five year partnership with St. Albert Le Grand, and our overarching goal for the partnership is to help the school gain financial independence. We are continuing our fundraising at the Gladstone this year and next year to complete the repairs to the school buildings, however the funds raised through Indiegogo will be used to help the school start their own small business. The proceeds from the small business will all go to the school which will increase their income without increasing school fees for the students. Interested in finding out more? Please check out our campaign at, and share it far and wide! The campaign is presented in both English et en français. 

Progrès incroyables à l’Ecole St-Albert Le Grand!

Certains d’entre vous savent déjà que nous sommes au milieu d’un partenariat de 5 ans avec l’école St. Albert Le Grand de Bazou, Cameroun. Nous travaillons avec eux pour améliorer leurs infrastructures de l’école. Nous avons commencé ce projet, après avoir visité l’école, St. Albert Le Grand, en 2009, lorsque nous étions au Cameroun pour célébrer la vie des parents de Njacko. Quand nous étions à Bazou, nous avons visité l’école pour y déposer des fournitures scolaires que nous avions recueillis des amis et des familles du Canada. Mais lorsque nous étions à l’école, nous avons réalisé que les fournitures scolaires ne sont pas plus en besoin que l’école. Nous avons un blog distincte pour suivre le projet, et nous vous invitons à jeter un coup d’oeil sur tout le travail qui a été accompli au cours des trois dernières années – Nous venons de mettre notre dernière mise à jour sur le blog, et sommes très heureux de le partager avec vous. Nous sommes heureux de répondre à toute question que vous pourriez avoir au sujet du projet, alors ne soyez pas timide! Voici quelques-unes des photos du projet de cette année (avant, pendant et après), vous trouverez plus sur le blog!       Merci pour la lecture! Val

Njacko Backo & Valery Woloshyn offrent: “Une Soirée pour les enfants de Bazou – 3ieme partie”

QUAND: Samedi, le 12 Mai 2012
OÙ: Gladstone Hôtel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St. W Toronto
CONCERT-PLAISIR EN FAMILLE: 15 à 17 heures, $10 par enfant ou payer ce que vous pouvez
SOIRÉE DE MUSIQUE: 20h30, $20 ou payer ce que vous pouvez
LES ARTISTES: Jane Bunnett, Afroteque – Music from the Sun, Kome Manu, Sahara Sloan & Colin Doroschuk, Soli & Rob with Alistair Ant, Charlie Kert of Little Fingers, Njacko Backo
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