Kalimba Kalimba

Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba have been making people dance & have fun since 1989. They draw from the rich rhythmic roots of Cameroon (Ben Skin, Bikutsi, Makossa, Manganbeu) and branch out to other popular African genres (Sabar, Kavacha, Soukous, Rhumba) to create a unique, groovy blend of Afro Pop.

Njacko began Kalimba Kalimba in 1989 in Montreal and recreated the group in 1998 when he relocated to Toronto. They love to bring the audiences to their feet to dance their cares away.

Chip Yarwood – banjo, flute, guitar, backing vocals
Anne Lederman – violin, accordion, backing vocals
Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Altaf “Bwana Moto” Vellani – percussion
Paco Luviano – bass
Celina Carroll – vocals, backing vocals, percussion
Valery Woloshyn – kalimba

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