Ici Bas, Rien N’est Impossible

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The King of Kalimba celebrates 24 years of making music in Canada with the release of Ici Bas, Rien N’est Impossible (Here Below, Nothing Is Impossible), a collaboration with his band Kalimba Kalimba and some of Canada’s most accomplished musicians.

Original Cameroonian grooves featuring the beauty of the kalimba elevated to a new level with speical guests Jane Bunnett, Ken Whiteley, George Koller, Pat O’Gorman, Paul Neufeld, Sahara Sloan, Colin Doroschuk, and other friends who bring in steel pan, cello, balafon, and oboe.

Où Est L’Amour

For this 2011 release, Njacko returned to the studio to record tracks that will get the World Music newcomer and the connoisseur alike dancing, singing and thinking about life and love. The final track on the album, “Afrique Reveille-toi!”, (“Africa Wake up!”) is a song that Njacko was inspired to write during his 2009 trip home to Cameroon and West Africa. The compositions on this album draw from the rich rhythmic roots of Cameroon (Ben Skin, Bikutsi, Makossa, Manganbeu, Koula) and branch out to other popular African genres (Sabar, Kavacha, Soukous, Rhumba) to create a unique and groovy blend of Afro Pop music.

Ba Ba Ôh

The release of Njacko Backo’s 9th CD “Ba Ba Ôh” was celebrated in June 2006 at the beautifully restored Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto. Accompanied by his band Kalimba Kalimba and some very special guests, Njacko and his ten piece band provided a performance which celebrated the essence of World Music through the collaboration of different cultural influences.

This album carries Njacko’s messages celebrating family life, childhood, love, motherhood, and issues such as poverty, social ills, and injustices. The songs in this album contain an element of community, a trait that is fundamental in every African culture.

The Conscience Of Africa

Njacko recorded and produced this album in 2003. In his liner notes Njacko tells us that “The Conscience of Africa is a wakeup call to all Africans…We know that togetherness makes people stronger…Let’s put focus on today and tomorrow for all of Africa’s children. Growing up in Africa made me understand that respect is fundamental. But today, I don’t see respect anywhere. So a message to all of you educated people and politicians: use your knowledge to save your people, not to destroy them.”


Released in 2000, the title track “Kakoua” means “don’t cry.” “Music is a spirit that cradles and heals us, unifies and illuminates us, consoles us in deep sadness and harmonizes our lives. If we want peace on this earth, we might put aside one week, seven days for the celebration of the arts, so that our children may grow to respect and enjoy God’s greatest gift to humanity.” – Njacko Backo

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Lode Yeuk

This album, released in 1999, focuses on the unforgettable spiritual sounds that emanate from the kalimba. It was put together to show music lovers all over the world that Africa is the land of a million different sounds from a million different instruments. The music on this album will sooth both heart and soul. One of Njacko’s greatest joys in life comes from performing music that will please the children of the world and the ears of their parents.

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Resurrection is a compilation of two albums produced by Njacko Backo between 1987 and 1992. The first part, Spiritual Baptism was recorded in Amsterdam (Holland), the second-Learning To Love-in Montreal (Canada). The first half has a very upbeat feel, pulsating with reggae rhythm and calypso levels of excitement. The second half returns to Njacko’s roots musically with much more focus on his adept kalimba playing and captivating tribal rhythms.

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Njacko remembers the advice from his father when he was only ten years old: that work is the engine of life, and to love that work, and perform it from the heart is the root of happiness…he wishes that we all may focus together on peace, for the sake of all children, so they can continue to dance, to love, and to make music. Njacko released this album in 1996.

Here a sample: Nkoni

Other releases include:

Le Destin (1988)
Bamileke Reggae (1986)


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