“From Njacko Backo and Kalimba! Kalimba!’s opening notes, the music’s exotic and hot rhythms had everyone on the dance floor. An inevitable occurrence with this group.”
– Olivier Bilodeau, Le Métropolitain

“The king of African kalimba – that’s thumb piano to you – is about to entrance to your ears with the magic sounds he conjures from his hand-made instruments..”
– Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

“World music fans know him nows mostly as a kalimba player and the leader of Kalimba Kalimba, a seven-piece band that plays festivals and cultural centres around the country, Toronto children knows him as a drum teacher with the Mariposa in the school program. The wider drumming community knows him as leader of Toum Kak, a student troupe that performs at such events as the International Drumming Festival …”
– John Goddard, Toronto Star

“..In concert, Backo and Kalimba try to become closer to their audiences. In the past the band members have even shared their instrument with listeners to try to encourage a feeling of participation…” The mission of the band is to break barrier between the band and the audience…”
– David Howel, The Morning Call

“The ingredients in Kalimba combine musical elements from Backo’s native Cameroon, jazz and dance performance . At the centre of it all is Backo’s kalimba playing and story telling..”
David Dancia, Vues d’Afrique

“Njacko is such a nice guy and his music really touched the people who were there. As I’m sure you know, crowds were thin for his sets, for which I feel badly. However, he was the consummate pro and the show went on at the highest level of performance. He’s a great talent and I wouldn’t hesitate to program him moving forward.”
– Glenn Sernyk, The Toronto Star

“‘Njacko Backo’s music comes from the soul. In a workshop setting, the audience was completely absorbed by an amazing cultural & musical journey. Later on in the day, the band’s memorable stage performance took place immediately after an electrical storm that took the thousands of Canada Day Participants (and Organizers) by surprise. The energy abounded as the players took the stage and let their infectious rhythms and melodies flow out into the audience. Just as the sun came out, so did a most enthusiastic Njacko Backo and Band… And what a celebration of Life and Music it was. Merci Merci Njacko Backo!!! …”
– Joel Delaquis, National Capital Commission – Artistic Programming