Drum Classes

Njacko’s Drum Classes are temporarily on hold – please check back in early May for an update!

Please click to download the Drum Class Flier.

Njacko holds drop-in drum classes every Sunday at The S.P.A.C.E. at 1324 Danforth Ave. The studio is easily accessible by TTC, it is just steps from Greenwood Station on the Bloor-Danforth Line. Here is a map showing the studio location.

1:30 – 2:15 Family & Beginner Class
2:25 – 3:25 Open Level Class

Children* $10 for one child / $15 for two children / $20 for three or more children
Adult $15 or $20 for both classes
Drum Rental (please request in advance!) $5
*3yrs and older, price includes one adult

Njacko, his drum students, and audience members at the 2012 Muhtadi International Drumming Festival

Njacko primarily teaches traditional rhythms from Cameroon as well as his own original compositions, although he does incorporate some rhythms from West Africa. His classes focus on technique, endurance, and having fun! He approaches drumming as a musician, encouraging students to listen to the melodies of the drum rhythms. He believes that it is important for students to realize that drums provide melody, not just rhythm. Njacko’s classes will incorporate singing, dancing, and playing other percussion instruments.

For the Family & Beginner Drum Class, everyone is welcome. At least one parent/guardian needs to stay in the class with their child(ren). A variety of other percussion instruments are available for anyone who’s hands get tired (or anyone who wants to try out a different sound).

The Open Level Drum Class that follows will go deeper into Cameroonian rhythms. Njacko will make sure that each student receives individual attention and will challenge each student at whatever level they may be at. Technique will still be taught in class, however beginners are strongly encouraged to attend the Family & Beginners class. Those who wish to work on their endurance are invited to attend both classes!

Please note that we now need to charge for drum rentals because we will be transporting the drums to the studio each week. If you do need to rent a drum for the class, please call us (416.836.8951) or email us (Love@NjackoBacko.com) by the Saturday before the class you are attending. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

When coming to The S.P.A.C.E. please be sure to leave your street shoes in the waiting area in front of the studio. Water bottles are welcome in the studio, however food and other drinks will need to stay in the waiting area as well please.

We look forward to drumming with you soon at The S.P.A.C.E.!