It’s a boy! Introducing Nkoni Leo Woloshyn Backo

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our newest family member – Nkoni Leo Woloshyn Backo – who arrived bright and early on August 11th at 7:51am a little bit earlier than the estimated due date (which was August 16th)). Our baby’s first name, Nkoni, translates as “love” in Njacko’s mother tongue. The “N” is pronounced as a soft “nnn” sound.

Nkoni weighed in at 7 pounds 1 ounce, 51 cm long, and was born in the water at home. His birth was supported by an amazing team of midwives from the Kensington Midwives Clinic, a doula from Simply Healthy Family, and Val’s sister Steph.

Mom and babe are doing very well. Thank you for being patient with us on email communications – we are slower to respond than normal but we have really enjoyed reading the notes of welcome and congratulations we have received so far!

Here are a few photos from Nkoni’s first few weeks with us.

IMG_6819 IMG_6901 1802_10201225048019707_736386608_n

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