Notes from the studio

I took the opportunity yesterday (Labour Day) to join Njacko and Jeff McCulloch at Wellesley Sound Studio to mix “Tu es mon amour”, the 10th song mixed for the new album. It was my first time seeing a song mixed from start to finish, and it was really a treat to witness the transformation that took place in a short span of just 3 hours. The song includes tenor banjo and cello banjo tracks by Ken Whiteley, soprano sax by Jane Bunnett, trumpet by Larry Cramer, djembe by Mohamad Diaby, in addition to tracks from Kalimba Kalimba.

This is the only song on the album that Njacko wrote the lyrics for after the instrumentation was already recorded. Njacko actually intended this track to be an instrumental, however one night he woke up and wrote the words that had come to him while he was sleeping. This is not a new process for Njacko, he actually did the same thing on the last album for “Afrique Reveille Toi” when we were travelling in Africa in 2009.

I thought that you might enjoy a glimpse into Njacko’s notebook for the new album. This one page shows months of updates and planning, Njacko’s blueprint for the recording process.


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