Free Afroteque show as part of the Beaches International Jazz Festival!

You have another chance to catch Afroteque this summer in Toronto as part of the Beaches International Jazz Festival! They will be performing at 7pm on the Woodbine Park Main Stage on Friday July 20th. You can find out more on the festival’s website.

Afroteque – Music from the Sun, is an Afro-Fusion Band from Toronto/Canada, led by drummer, percussionist and musical director Altaf “Bwana Moto” Vellani. Afroteque crisscrosses the rhythms and melodies of the African diaspora into a joyful listening and dancing experience.

The singers are Maryem Hassan Tollar, Njacko Backo, Celina Carrol and Chip Yarwood, whose songs are featured in the present repertoire amongst various covers. The band also features traditional African dancer Sani Abu, who entertains and engages the audience.

Keyboardist Paul Neufeld improvises Jazz and Blues solos over the pulsating African Grooves. Paco Luviano holds down solid and melodic bass lines connecting with Chip Yarwood’s colorful guitar, flute and banjo playing. Percussionist Rick Lazar plays Brazilian, Cuban and African Polyrhythms coloring the rhythm section. Altaf drives the band with the exciting dance beats of Africa.

Afroteque’s music engages the audience in an exciting way, filling their hearts with joy and bodies with dance.

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