Loud in the Kingston Public Libarary

It was a very nice surprise when we received a call from Paul Clifford asking us if we would be interested in collaborating for a gig as part of the Kingston Jazz Festival series “Live @ Your Library. We were thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with Paul and his wife Kyoko Ogoda, and had a lot of fun blending our different genres of music together.

Njacko Backo – vocals, kalimba, ngoni, djembe

Valery Woloshyn – kalimba, ashiko

Kyoko Ogoda – marimba, percussion

Paul Clifford – double bass, percussion

Our name “Ewa Heiwa” was born during one rehearsal when we discovered that “ewa” (a call and response word from Njacko’s language that means “Are we together? Yes! We are together!” sounds very similar to a Japanese word “Heiwa” or ?? which means “peace”.

Michael Parkinson has posted some photos on his blog. Click here to see them!

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